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When you just don't have enough time to work with everyone, bring Dana in as another set of eyes to bring your show to life.



A popular comedic actress, leading lady, and singer known for her quick wit, intelligent approach, and rich vocal quality.



Teaching professional actors to act like professionals, Dana offers private and group coaching.

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Catch Dana as Denise Henderson in Bridges, a world-premiere musical at Berkeley Playhouse. February 11 - March 6, 2016.


Dana Lewenthal


danamarlo @ danalewenthal dot com

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I love making people laugh and working with talented, creative directors and actors.

I love that quiet moment when I can’t see the audience, but I can feel them with me, and no one breathes - and then we all exhale together, creating magic.

We've met. We've worked together. We're going to meet. We're going to work together. Welcome to my passion, my first love - acting.

Did you know: Rabbits make awesome pets? We are new bunny owners and love ours!

In 1965, a young woman boldly joins a march to fight for her civil rights. Decades later, another young woman faces her own battle for equality. As their stories collide across time and distance, each must come to terms with who she is in the context of a changing and complicated world. Full of soulful melodies, Bridges: A New Musical is an empowering story that explores our country’s past and present – how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go.

Based in Oakland, CA


danamarlo @ danalewenthal dot com